Lumbar Extension Flexion Exercise(LEX)

HubEX LEX Robot System is a rehabilitation exercise system to strengthen front and back side of pelvis and lumbar area in supine position while fastening lower body,
and also an integrated complex system of 4 components to realize sequential rehabilitation for front and back side of pelvis and lumbar area.

About LEX

  1. Hip Joint Extension Exercise :
    The system directly trains gluteus muscles and hamstring muscles which expects correct arrangement of pelvis organs and improvement of walking ability.walking ability.
  2. Hip Joint Flection Exercise :
    Through direct strengthening of rectus femoris muscles, iliopsoas muscles and contracted psoas major muscles, it helps resolve problems of body balance and contractions on pelvis and lumbar area.
  3. Lumbus Joint Extension Exercise :
    The extension exercise system strengthens quadratus lumborum muscles and erector spinae muscles and patients with lumbar spine problems can use it after fully strengthening the muscular strength of lumbar area in the 1st and 2nd stage.
  4. Lumbus Joint Fraction Exercise :
    Strengthening abdominal muscles and psoas major muscles without strain will let you experience the very desirable improvement in good posture, endurance, and physical strength.