Technological Features of LEX

The pelvis and lumbar area rehabilitation system selectively strengthens the muscles at hip joints and lumbar area joints while completely relaxing upper and lower body muscles in a comfortable supine position.

Since it makes no strain due to zero gravity, even patients with impaired mobility can carry out rehabilitation treatment in a safe and easier way.

  1. Active Joint Fixation System :
    Active joints are stabilized by fixation of lower body according to the exercise load in order to exercise with no strain on pelvis and lumbar area muscles.
  2. Balance System :
    While relaxing back and shoulder muscles by setting the weight of upper body to zero gravity, patients can exercise in burdenless, safe, and easy way.
  3. Pendular Movement System :
    Easy repetitive exercises as playing see-saw can lead to strong resistance on muscles.
  4. Electronic Load · Power System :
    Exercise load can be elaborately set according to user conditions and its robotic functions can help even patients with impaired mobility in a safe way.

As in sit ups and leg raises for training of abdominal muscle, exercise for upper and lower body uses muscles of the whole body and,especially, muscles at neck, shoulders, and back get intensively strained.

HubEX is designed to exclusively strengthen dedicated muscles at pelvis and lumbar area while completely relaxing the other body muscles in order for rehabilitation in easy position of lumbar and knee patients.

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