Hip Extension Flexion Exercise(HFX)

HubEX HFX Robot System is a hip joint rehabilitation system for safe and easy training of abdominal muscles, psoas major muscles, and hamstring muscles in prone position.

Since exercises for upper and lower body to strengthen the pelvis and lumbar area have so unstable postures that weight exercise cannot be applied, even bodyweight workout such as sit ups and leg raises causes tension at neck, back and shoulders.

HubEX is a rehabilitation solution which has been developed for elderly people to easily carry out high level rehabilitation exercises which are beyond their practice in easy position.

About HFX

Strain on back and shoulder muscles due to antagonism was eliminated and dispersion of power during exercise was basically prevented.

Imagine you are pulling a tire by a string fastened on your ankle.
It is impossible but possible with HubEX.
Impossible things become possible by HubEX solutions.

Since the exercise is very simple and easy, you may do it excessively. It is necessary to follow a program to have ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue get used and carry out cooling down by BST after exercise.


Existing technologies may help strengthen the extension muscles at the back side of the pelvis and lumbar area only, but HubEX has its distinctive features and mechanisms to also rehabilitate the flection muscles at the front side.

While strengthening psoas major muscles, iliac fascias, and abdominal muscles to support the body at the front side and hamstring muscles, gluteus muscles,and quadratus lumborum muscles to support the body at the back side without any strain, it leads to changes of the somatotype to expect excellent results for short stride and shortened and scoliotic lumbar spine.


In addition to the extension muscles at the backside, strengthening of flection muscles at the frontside helps us expect quick outcomes. We developed the unprecedented technology after 20 years of research which helps the elderly and impaired patients experience safe and effective rehabilitation with less time and exertion and provide fundamental, sustainable solutions for elderly people with disorders on their scoliotic lumbar spine and back.