CE 587334 Letter

CE 587334 Letter

CE 587334

CE 587334

ISO 13485 certificate

ISO 13485

GMP certificate_primary

Certificate of GMP(2009)

GMP certificate_final

Certificate of GMP(2012)

Rnd center certificate

Company Annexed Research Institute Certification

venture certificate

Venture Company Certificate

medical instrument manufacturers

Medical Equipments Manufacturing Business License

medical instrument manufacturers (2)

Manufacturing Business License


Japan Patent


China Patent

patent (2)

Patent No.0343094

patent (3)

Patent No.10-0581274

patent (4)

Patent No.10-0581273

patent (5)

Patent No.093280

patent (6)

Patent No.3506455

patent (7)

United States Patent(2003)

patent (1)

United States Patent(2007)