Back Stretching System (BST)

Stiff back and shoulder muscles can be relaxed by strong stretching exercises and weak muscles at pelvis and lateral side of lumbar spine can be strengthened to lead to unexpected results.

  1. Stretching Exercise : While unfolding arms, the stretching system relaxes strain on the muscles of back and shoulders by repetitive exercises.
  2. Lumbar Rotation Exercise : It strengthens external oblique abdominal muscles and levator muscles to help recover distorted lumbar skeletal system to normal state
  3. Hip Joint Adductor·Evertor Exercise : It supports rehabilitation by strengthening adductor, evertor, and piriform muscles at hip joints and firmly adjusts the arrangement of distorted pelvis.

About BST

Although arm and leg muscles keep moving, back and shoulder muscles which support arms and posture became weaker due to insufficient exercise and have accumulated fatigue due to long-lasting and repetitive strain. Suffering from chronic fatigue is caused by strain and fatigue which are repeated and learned to cause vicious circle of fatigue and stiffness on muscles.

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BST is equipped with stretching functions to relax back and shoulder and it helps to support rehabilitation through stretching of lateral muscles at pelvis and lumbar area. It is an integrated stretching system which helps finishing rehabilitation by cooling down after LEF and HEF exercises.